eVery MasterPiece is in the DeTails.

On top of web design and development, We build cross platform mobile and web apps that are compatible with iOs and Android devices.

We are a team of experts on our field, born to serve you in the areas of our gifts.

Our services include Branding & Logo Design, which will help us to begin the Web Design & Development of your project. However, if you are starting out, we will be glad to manage your Domain Registration & Hosting. In the coming days, we plan to launch Mobile & Web Applications. If you are an author, join our Online Publishing program and make your book available on Amazon and other retailers.

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Welcome to Wanpixel Design Agency. We are an established firm located in Mwanza city dealing with services ranging from graphics designs and so much more. Get yourself a fully responsive, SEO ready and custom design website and boast about it to your colleagues. Here are some of our clients and partners.